photo of JRA at console[gif 95K] [jpeg 30K] photo - 13-Aug-97
Dave Enyeart operating the accelerator during testing
photo of computer screen

The 2 MV computer control system uses the same software as the 6 MV control system. Everything is controlled by manipulation of icons and menus.
photo - 19-Aug-96[jpeg 34K][gif 121K]

photo of electronics rack[gif 110K] [jpeg 42K] photo - 19-Aug-96
Rack containing external accelerator control electronics.
photo of terminal electronics

Shielded box, in the accelerator terminal, containing a CAMAC crate and terminal electronics. Control system information is transmitted between the 2 MV terminal and ground potential by a fiber optic link.
photo - 17-Aug-95[jpeg 18K][gif 50K]