A 2MV, CW, MM-FEL is under development at UCSB that promises to extend Free Electron Laser operation to new regimes. The primary goal of this effort is to achieve true Continuous Wave (CW) operation. This mode of operation will demonstrate:

A second goal is demonstration of "Next-Generation" principles leading to compact efficient, low-cost FELs of the future.

Finally, a third goal is to enhance the UCSB CTST scientific research facility by providing a second radiation source with new characteristics and a test facility for new ideas and improvements.

The program is being carried out in three phases:

* PHASE 1 - Accelerator Operation
* PHASE 2 - CW Electron Beam
* PHASE 3 - CW FEL Operation

keywords: fel, free-electron laser, fir, far-infrared, millimeter-wave, terahertz, undulator