TYPE:  Germanium Bolometer - Cryogenic 4.2 K
ID:    FELC-21
MFG:   Infrared Laboratories
MODEL: Bolometer: #766 - Dewar: HD-3 - Amplifier: LN-6
RANGE: 30 um to 1 mm depending on filters
CONFG: side looking with Winston cone

TYPE:   'Fast' Ge(Ga) photoconductor:
RANGE:  70um to 120um
CONFG:  0.5x1mm active area, F#<2 optics. 
T-RESP: 2 us.

TYPE:  Si composite bolometer 
RANGE: 30um to 1mm
CONFG: side-looking - Winston cone optics
Temporal response: a few  ms

TYPE:  Superconducting Hot-electron micro-bolometer
RANGE: 30um to 1 mm
CONFG: Antenna coupled microbolometer mounted on a Si-lens
Temporal response: <1ns
(No longer operational)

TYPE:  Si composite Bolometer
RANGE: 30um to 1mm, depending on filters.
CONFG: side looking - winston cone
Temporal Response: 5 ms.

TYPE:  InSb hot electron bolometer
RANGE: 300 um to 3 mm
CONFG: Side looking with winston cone?
Temporal Response: 100 ns