Warning: The transport system has been modified along with the building remodel. This page will soon be modified to reflect the changes.

Optical Radiation from the various couplers of the MM-FEL, the FIR-FEL, and the 30µm-FEL is transported to any of 13 ports in the users' lab by means of a vacuum optical transport system. Radiation is transported in a free space optical mode, using a periodic focussing system, after initial collimation. Shorter wavelengths require only the initial collimation. The clear aperture of the system is 10 cm. The cavity dump couplers use a pair of specially shaped mirrors that convert the highly asymmetrical waveguide mode to an approximately round mode for transport. Z-cut crystal quartz windows isolate the high vacuum of the FELs. A diamond window is used on the 30µm FEL. Each output port has a 2 mm thick TPX window. A built in diagnostic station permits monitoring of power level and frequency.

* Interactive Calculation of Envelopes
* Layout of the Optical Transport System
* Optical Component Parameters
* Atmospheric Absorption